The What

We believe in the need for a holistic vision for Malta.

A vision that is not only economic in nature, but that looks at our complete development model.

The aim of this community is precisely that. We want to define, compile and disseminate a vision for the Maltese islands that spans over the coming 15-20 years.

We will start focusing on the foundational elements with a discussion of what we aspire to achieve and what we want to see in the Malta of tomorrow.

Our vision will be human-centric and will not focus on the quantity of growth; but we will focus on the quality of growth.

We aspire to see our country embrace the environment and truly believe that it can co-exist with the economy and where our population can enjoy open spaces, the countryside and the sea.

We aspire to see a healthy population that is able to enjoy life with a focus on preventive care whilst fully knowing that our health system is efficient and effective.

We aspire to see an inclusive society which integrates people into its fold, allows people to aim for and achieve social mobility.

We aspire to see a change in our educational system that builds leaders and develops personalities irrespective of the individual ability.

We want to start welcoming tomorrow, today.

The Proposals

Ahead of the General Election, forty under forty published a set of recommendations, built around a number of ambitions for our country, that the Government should implement to truly embrace Malta’s future.

We are living through difficult times. Whilst still recovering from the pandemic, a war is unfolding in Ukraine with an expected significant economic impact. Never has the need to think and plan for the future been so relevant.

Many of the findings and recommendations in this ‘Manifesto for the Future’ seek to highlight how we can do that better. In every crisis there are two phases: the first where you respond and the second where you learn. To be successful you must have both.

Read the full document here.

The why



...the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom...

The future is now. The time is right to chart a way forward for us, for Malta.

Malta has a uniquely chequered history. Since time immemorial, Malta has played a key regional role. Its strategic location has supported global trade routes and as a population of islanders, the Maltese have consistently shown resilience and the ability to carve out a unique regional and global hub.

The global environment has never been so volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. COVID has shown the fragility and interdependency of a globalised world.

However, this is the right time for reflection and a renaissance.

Despite the successes, we have not been accustomed to having discussions on the long-run vision for the country. A long-run vision allows us to come together as a country; to dream, to aspire, to work for and to strive together, collectively, towards a better Malta.

Forty under forty is a community of business leaders with passion, ambition and an innate belief in Malta’s potential. It is a community of thinkers and doers; of achievers and dreamers; of risk-takers and of responsible individuals.

Forty individuals whose personal success mirrors the success of the island and who aspire to achieve more for us all. Forty under forty is built on the belief that the sum is greater than the parts and that by coming together, by discussing, by debating, by imagining and by being ambitious, we can truly be catalysts for a better inspired future.

Forty under forty is a collective of present and future business leaders that have the best interest and well-being of Malta and its citizens at heart.

It is a reminder that together, we thrive.

The who

The founders

JP Fabri & Nicky Gouder have long-felt the need to build a community of young, ambitious and determined business leaders who believe in the power of change. Their innate love for Malta and focus on long-run development has triggered the birth of forty under forty with a view of contributing to the national debate. They both believe that the island has huge potential to thrive. Passion, drive and determination have led them to setting up this project, and they believe that this same drive will resonate amongst the other members to build an exciting future for everyone.

01. James Abela & Matthew Sammut / NIU & ICE Malta

02. Matthew Agius / Dilligex

03. Andrew Arrigo / Robert Arrigo & Sons

04. Katrina Attard / Panta Lesco

05. Carl Azzopardi / bioscint

06. Marisabelle Bonnici / roadtobelle

07. Marisha Bonnici / Seed Dance Studio

08. Rebecca Bonnici / BELS English Language School

09. Zak Borg / Anchovy Inc

10. Nicky Calamatta / Calamatta Cuschieri

11. Jo Caruana / Finesse Group

12. Joanna Delia / People & Skin

13. Emma Demarco / Emma's Kitchen

14. Matthew Demarco / Bloom Creative

15. John Ellul / Veracloud

16. Luke Frendo / Frendo Advisory

17. Dean Gera / Dean Gera

18. Peter-Jan Grech / BRND WGN

19. Dirk Hili / Allelon Hospitality

20. Anthea Huber / Archi+

21. Laura Jasenaite / Car Pooling Malta

22. Keith Laferla / Laferla Insurance

23. Davinia Mallia Pule / Ngage

24. Steve Mercieca / Zanzi & Quicklets

25. Ian Pisani / JC Pisani

26. Kari Pisani / Consultant

27. Stephen Place / Place Concierge

28. Eman Pulis / SiGMA

29. Seb Ripard / Consultant

30. Lisa Scerri / Sherries Garden Centre

31. Matthew Spiteri / Altern

32. Chris Vassallo / Vassallo Group

33. Mark Wirth / Mint Finance

34. Denise Xuereb / AX Group

35. Christina Zammit La Rosa / ecco

36. James Zammit / Zammit Holdings

37. Martina Zammit & Rachel Cachia / VSQUARED & Gadgets

38. Ines Zampa / Blokrete

International Contributors:

Luke Micallef Trigona / Keystone Law

Catherine Halpin / The Quad

Jonathan Mizzi / Mizzi Studios

Tugce Ergul / Advisor

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